About us

by Eugene Federov


Each product is sown and hand stuffed by a father and son team out of San Francisco Bay Area. The purpose of the high end design is dedicated to the sport of boxing. It is time for boxing to have respectable equipment that is dedicated to the greatness of the sport.


Every product is designed to have a particular purpose. Grodex has a selection of over 50 models made with unique shapes to help the person practice different techniques. Power, speed, and unique muscle groups can be targeted by using Grodex punching bags. Each product has 2.8 mm thick Italian leather, which guarantees the best feel for the person using the bag. We use the thickest leather available, on the market, to make sure our customers have the most durable product. The colors of Grodex bags are made to set a calming tone and let the athlete focus on working out.

Our customized size selection allows the customer to choose the perfect bag for their size. Our innovative hanging system allows the weight of the bag to be evenly distributed throughout the bag, which allows the bag stuffing to remain in original shape. The spring mechanism absorbs the hits and takes pressure off of the bags. If the bag is not hit flushly the bag will actually spin, giving the person using feedback.


We are creating the best available boxing bags on the market. Training with the Grodex equipment will improve the athlete, prevent injury, and make the overall experience enjoyable.

It’s time for a new age of sports equipment. These bags can be used by anyone from the personal gym homes to the top level professionals.