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Black Mamba Punching Bag - Medium

Black Mamba Bag –

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Introducing the Black Mamba Bag by @grodex_ A bag made to increase precision, help with angles, and reaction time. The speed of the black mamba bag will force fighters to learn how to keep distance and keep their head off of the line of attack. This is the bag to help with fast reaction times and fast hands inside the ring.  @grodex_ The bag comes with a one year warranty which will replace any broken rods. The base is not covered by warranty.

The main strengths in this bag is the mobility of the base and fast action of the ball. The base weighs 25-35 pounds when full with sand or water and is easy to move around. The rod is easy to assemble to the base. This bag is very good for fitness gyms, apartments, and the home gym. Grodex recommends sand for the base as not all bases can hold water from the vibration of the bag

The mamba bag has three different lengths depending on the height of the boxer. The first version has an adjustable height of 48”-55”. The second version has an adjustable height of 59”- 66”. The third version has an adjustable height of 70”-76”.

Per One year warranty any broken rods can be replaced by simply shipping the broken rod and ball back to Grodex for a brand new rod. All broken rods will be examined by our team to decide if it qualifies to be replaced. For any broken part simply ship it back to Grodex and after inspection it will be replaced.

* Assembly instructions along with warning labels will be included with the package.





14.5" x 14.5"

Filled Weight

Weight with water 15 pounds




Shipping Begins April 31st, 2021